6 Tips for Dealing with Flight Delay/Cancellations

You know how it happens.  It's Friday morning, you get yourself up at 3:47am, get ready and check out,  gas-up & return the rental car and breeze through airport security.  Then you grab a coffee, sit down at the gate to your flight home, with 15 minutes until boarding.  As you scroll through your instagram account you see a notification pop-up on your phone from your airline with the dreaded (but all to common) flight delay notification or even worse fight cancellation.

We know your first instinct is to get p*ssed off or panic but stay calm there are a number of things you can do to improve your chances of getting home or at least have a better time stuck at the airport.

#1: Timing is of the Essence

Get on the phone with your airline customer service desk immediately and start checking for alternate flight arrangements.  This needs to be done quickly because many other travelers on the same flight will be looking for alternate arrangements as well.  You are welcome to stand in line to talk to the gate agent or customer service center, but these things take time.  The phone is usually your quickest and most effective option to determine your options and make changes while everyone else is standing in line.  Hopefully you have some status with the airline which can help get you on the short list for stand-by lines.  (If you're not registered as a frequent flying with your airlines you should be, status is a lifesaver)

#2: Only use Carry-On Bags

We recommend this in general to avoid many challenges but in flight delay or flight cancellation situations this can be critical. It's much easier to switch to flights with short connection times or fast approaching departure times if the Airline doesn't have to worry about getting you and your luggage to your new flight.  As you can imagine this also helps to cutdown on the probability of lost or delayed luggage.

#3: Stay Calm and Be Flexible

Many people can be very angry and frustrated during flight delay situations and tend to take it out on the airline staff.  Remember the situation is as much out of their control as it is yours.  While you might think it feels good to yell and scream as you can imagine being rude will make it less likely for the staff to help you get where you need to be which is ultimately your goal right?

it's also important to remember, that there is always another flight.  It may not be at the optimal time or work out as planned, but there is always a way to figure something out,

#4: Find an Electrical Outlet

Although many Airports are trying to improve the locations & frequency of electrical outlets for passengers many times they can be scarce.  During flight cancellation situations however, they can be critical.  You may be sitting in the airport for a number of hours, so want to make sure you can utilize all of your devices for entertainment and re-booking (if necessary).

#5: Catch Up on Emails, Phone Calls, & other Work

Although flight delays can often put a damper on your delay, many times this can be a great time to check a few things off your to-do-list.  Take this time to complete your meeting reports, process travel expenses, make follow-up phone calls, and clean-up your in-box.  You might as well take advantage of the time to get some work done that you won't have to worry about later.

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